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Homeless Man in SF Mission District… - Imgur
(20th Street, it appears)



no offense but good morning

go fuck yourself asshole

Anonymous: Wow beautiful pic you should post more 😍 what size are those sweater puppies? 🙊😛

What?? the fuck?????

Those pants are pretty bad but otherwise

Does anyone make up super good incredibly believable stories up to show up to work an hour late/not show up at all for more sleep, I’m such a piece of shit tbh



I got woken up to a phone call asking to go bowling what kind of GTA 4 teas

Someone woke me up at 5 am the other day to ask if I wanted to play air hockey. Ppl r so fkn strange. Then again I did accept.

After my five day weekend I came back to check over $700 😎 best week I’ve had in while